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6 Top Benefits to Attract and Retain the Best Employees

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

In addition to a competitive salary, employers of choice are providing employee benefits packages to attract and retain employees. Benefits are a standard - and expected - part of an employee's total compensation package.

While most large companies provide extensive employee benefits, smaller employers tend to offer fewer components and, sometimes, no benefits at all. But small businesses that are growing and expanding need to plan a careful phase-in of employee benefits so that they can continue to attract and retain the needed talent.

No laws require an employer to offer employee benefits. But there are many reasons related to recruiting and retaining employee satisfaction why you might.

With an almost endless array of potential benefits available to offer, what do potential and current employees find most attractive?

  1. Health insurance is the foundation of any comprehensive employee benefits package. It is the preferred benefit of the majority of people who work. If you can afford to offer only one benefit, make it health insurance for the employees and their families. They’ll be grateful.

  2. Disability insurance ensures that an employee will still receive a percentage of income if they cannot work due to sickness or a disabling injury. Short-term disability is what you will want to include in your employee benefits package.

  3. Dental insurance plans are designed to help cover the costs employees experience in obtaining necessary dental care, both preventive and emergency. Group dental insurance is often available at reduced rates and/or with superior coverage when compared with individual plans. Consider offering it as part of an attractive employee benefits package.

  4. Vision insurance is a lower cost addition to a comprehensive employee benefits package. It pays for employees to have regular vision examinations and for a percentage of the cost of eyeglasses, contacts, and laser surgery.

  5. Life insurance is an appreciated component in a comprehensive employee benefits package. Sought-after employees expect it to be a component in an attractive benefits package.

  6. As health care premiums continue to increase, employers are continually shifting costs to employees in the form of higher co-payments, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs. To help offset some of the sting associated with these higher expenses, many employers are implementing Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans. An FSA allows employees to pay certain unreimbursed healthcare and dependent care expenses with before-tax dollars. A flex plan can be a desirable part of your employee benefits package.

Want to know more about these options? Contact me today to schedule an appointment to discuss the best options for you and your company.


As an independent broker with 35+ years of experience, Ed is committed to providing quality insurance options for both groups and individuals at affordable prices.

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