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9 Ways to Save on Life Insurance

Updated: May 11, 2022

Buying life insurance can seem like a difficult and expensive endeavor if you haven’t done it before. Both can be overcome if you have a good insurance agent.

Here are nine ways to save on life insurance, all of which you should ask me about:

  1. Don’t smoke: Smokers are more likely to die younger than nonsmokers, making smoking one of the biggest health risks and reasons to have higher insurance rates — at least double that of a nonsmoker.

  2. Weigh less: Your height and weight are an indication of the probability of illness or death, so you want your weight to be at a healthy proportion to your height, as measured with a BMI calculator.

  3. Avoid risky behaviors: Risky behaviors such as skydiving, scuba diving, and flying a plane are considered hazardous hobbies that increase the chance you’ll die or have an accident. Being a good driver can help lower your life insurance premium.

  4. No expensive riders: You can add riders to a policy for risky activities, though they can be expensive. To keep your insurance rate down, you may want a rider on your policy to exclude benefits if you are injured or die while doing a specific activity.

  5. Improve your credit: Your credit score may be used to determine the probability of maintaining the insurance policy. A good credit record can help you get the best insurance rates.

  6. Shop around: Shopping around is a smart idea for many purchases, including life insurance. If you have a health condition, such as diabetes, then insurance rates can vary widely by insurer.

  7. Buy young: Don’t wait to buy life insurance. Every year you wait, your insurance costs rise.

  8. Lower the death benefit: The total amount of the death benefit helps determine the premium. Obviously, a $1 million death benefit costs more than a $250,000 one. But choose it carefully. Your beneficiaries may have a tough time if you don’t leave them enough money, and too much money can cost you a lot more in higher premiums.

  9. Save money and invest: Building your assets up to a sizable amount over time can mean you won’t need life insurance later in life because your family will already have the money they need in the bank when you die.

Discuss with your family how much life insurance you think you'll need or if you need any at all. Then, contact me. I can help you decide how much coverage you should purchase, wade through your options, and determine what discounts may be available to you.


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As an independent broker with 35+ years of experience, Ed is committed to providing quality insurance options for both groups and individuals at affordable prices.


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